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Someone is rebuilding Fallout New Vegas within Fallout 4

Fallout: New Vegas is an excellent game, bringing the older RPG elements that the original Fallout games were known for and combining it with Bethesda’s open-world style. Unfortunately at this point, the game is rather dated and could look a lot better. With that in mind, one modder has taken it upon themselves to rebuild New Vegas within Fallout 4, which could bring new life to Obsidian’s take on the series.

The project is being worked on by Reddit user ‘Sir_Bumfrey_Diggles’, who has already rebuilt Goodsprings and Primm via the Creation Engine. Since the New Vegas assets can’t be ported directly, the modder is rebuilding them from scratch. However, many assets throughout the game are reused, meaning progress will speed up over time as more and more assets are created.

In a Reddit thread, Diggles posted a video of them walking through the New Vegas map from Goodsprings to Primm. There is also a photo album of screenshots to get a closer look at the world in its current state.

The aim of the mod is to rebuild the world of New Vegas but not necessarily bring all of the quests and other game elements over. Diggles is apparently hoping to use the newly created New Vegas map as the base for a quest mod later down the line. However, once the New Vegas map is re-created for Fallout 4, someone else may be willing to pick up the mantle and bring over other game elements.

Some of the textures available in the new Creation Kit are different, so some buildings will look a little different but for the most part, things seem to match up quite nicely.

KitGuru Says: New Vegas is my favourite Fallout game and a lot of that is down to the RPG elements, many of which were stripped from Fallout 4. What do you guys think of this mod? Would you replay New Vegas with a graphical touch up? Personally, I’d like to see Obsidian take another crack at a game in the Fallout universe. 

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