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Want that sexy white Xbox One? Buy one here

Remember all those multiple minutes ago when I showed you some delicious looking pictures of that pure white Xbox One? The one only those that made the thing will ever get to play on? Well now you have the chance to own one of these limited edition machines, by bidding on it on ebay.

There's two auctions that you can currently bid on. Both of them are brand new in sealed packaging, though one is for the console itself, with all the accessories, the box, the controller (a black one), everything; the other is for the white controller by itself. Each one is racking up big bids already, so get your wallet out and dig deep if you want one.

While there's free shipping for the US, elsewhere is very expensive, so be careful of that if you're thinking of bidding

Both auctions have been put up by the same person, who we reached out to for comment. We can confirm he does work for Microsoft on the Xbox development team and that the reason for selling is nothing more than he thinks a more hardcore gamer than he would appreciate it more.

What a good guy.

Bid on the console here.

Bid on the controller here. 

KitGuru Says: So people, there's a White Xbox One up for grabs. Who's going to bid?

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