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Would you have bought this Wii U devkit?

One of the biggest problems the Wii U has at the moment, is that much of its potential market – the seriously casual – don’t even know that it’s a new system, they assume it’s a Wii accessory or a simple upgrade. Something tells me if Nintendo had stuck to its devkit styling colour scheme it would have done a fair bit better.

Green might not be your typical colour for a console, but it would certainly make it stand out. Hell I’d like to see this as a face plate option. It would also have been a great accessory to put out there as part of the Year of Luigi we’re in right now.





Some might say that this would clash with their living room set up, but how many white TVs or stereos do you have? There’s a reason the consoles from the other manufacturers are black and that the special “I made this,” version of the One is white: standard consumers want something that blends in, but if it’s a bit different you want it to stand out.

KitGuru Says: I’d absolutely have a green console. Not sure about the white and green styling, but an all green one would be something I’d have no problems with.

[Cheers AGB]

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  1. Wrong, it’s not a Dev Kit, it’s a Test Unit.
    A CAT-R (Cafe Reader), to be exact.