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3DS mod adds GameCube controller support

A modder has managed to get the GameCube controller working with the 3DS handheld for use with the upcoming Super Smash Bros game. The GameCube pad appears to be a favorite amongst Smash Bros fans and Nintendo is capitalizing on that by releasing a Wii U adapter for the controller, Amazon even listed a Wii U Smash Bros, GameCube controller bundle just last week.

Some technical work is needed to get the controller working on a 3DS but the bits required don't cost all that much. Detailed instructions are available on github (link down below), you can check out a video of the controller working with a few games on the 3DS:

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seAI9W9SYjo']

Smash Bros mod

In the US, the parts required cost around $10, you can see the parts list, HERE. The creator has also released the source code for his button mapping program, which you can find, HERE. 

The process doesn't actually require you to open up the 3DS or mess with any internals, you just have to tape the controller adapter to the back of your handheld and when you're done, you can just take it off. You can see pictures of the process, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: People have been having problems with the 3DS circle pad while playing the Smash Bros demo so this little mod could help those people out quite a bit. However, this could also give modders an unfair advantage during multiplayer matches as not everyone will care enough to make the gamepad work. 

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