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Handheld Steam Machine Kickstarter to return

Back in 2014, the Steam Boy was revealed and was set to be the first handheld Steam Machine, allowing PC gamers to play some of their games on the go or stream more demanding titles from a desktop. Then last year, the project was renamed the ‘Smach Z’ and put …

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Sony likely won’t be releasing a PS Vita successor

While Nintendo still seems to be flourishing in the handheld games market, Sony has been struggling ever since it left the PSP behind. While the PSP dominated, its successor, the Vita has struggled and game developers just aren’t that interested in the device. As a result, we probably won’t be …

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Sony to pay out over misleading PS Vita launch ads

Sony Computer Entertainment America has managed to come to a settlement with the FTC following allegations of false advertisement during the Playstation Vita’s launch campaign. As part of the agreement, Sony is set to offer partial refunds of up to $50 to customers who purchased a Vita handheld before the …

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3DS mod adds GameCube controller support

A modder has managed to get the GameCube controller working with the 3DS handheld for use with the upcoming Super Smash Bros game. The GameCube pad appears to be a favorite amongst Smash Bros fans and Nintendo is capitalizing on that by releasing a Wii U adapter for the controller, …

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New Nintendo 3DS will be region locked

Just last week Nintendo announced the ‘new’ 3DS, a significant hardware upgrade over the original model. Since then, more and more details have been coming out surrounding the handheld, the most recent discovery is that Nintendo will be sticking with region locking, meaning that 3DS owners won’t be able to …

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