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Fake backwards compatibility unlock is bricking Xbox Ones

When long term Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 owners found out that the new consoles weren’t going to have backwards compatibility, many were pretty disappointed. Unfortunately though, some Xbox One owners didn’t want to accept that and have now bricked their consoles through messing with the developer settings.

This was all thanks to a fake image circulating through 4chan and Reddit over the weekend, which details six steps that take you to the developer options and ultimately brick your machine (don’t do it):

We can’t say this enough, these steps do nothing but brick your console- so don’t go trying it out.

The prank ultimately went a little too far and Microsoft’s Larry Hyb, AKA Major Nelson, took to Twitter to warn Xbox One owners: “To be clear there is no way to make your Xbox One backwards compatible & performing steps to attempt this could make your console inoperable.”

343 Industries also wanted to step in and explain why the development options are even still accessible: “Microsoft eventually wants every Xbox One to have the same functionality as a developer kit, and that’s why some of these tools are already accessible on the console. But the feature is far from ready, so trying to use it can put your console into an endless boot loop.” The post said, “Both Microsoft and Sony have hinted that they may make classic Xbox 360 and Ps3 games available via streaming, but right now the system architecture is too different to allow the consoles to play old games themselves.”

KitGuru Says: Xbox One owners have been having a bad time recently, one guy bought a badly printed picture for the price of the console, others have been buying day one edition boxes on eBay and now users are being hoaxed in to bricking their consoles. Backwards compatibility would be great but the console architecture is too different, software isn’t going to fix that this soon after launch. 

Source: The Inquirer 

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  1. This is actually pretty funny. What did people think would happen? That it would magically change the architecture of the system?
    This is a perfect example of why consoles are bad. The users need to know nothing about how it all works and so they do stupid things – with a PC you have to know what you’re doing to actually get anywhere.

  2. So consoles are bad, and their owners don’t know what they are doing. OK, I’ll assume no on has ever over-volted a CPU going for that overclock, fried their older GPU by getting the latest driver, damaged their case fans removing dust with an air can, or done the lot in with a high ripple supply.