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Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons appear to be having some issues

The Nintendo Switch is coming out in just a couple of weeks, which means plenty of press outlets already have units in hand and are preparing reviews. Unfortunately, it looks like some of those with early units are experiencing a concerning issue with the Joy-Con controller as several prominent members of games media have found that the left Joy-Con keeps falling out of sync.

This isn't an issue affecting absolutely everyone by the looks of it. However, Kotaku's Jason Schreier and IGN's Jose Otero have both reported the issue on Twitter specifically with the left joy-con. Otero claimed to have only experienced interruptions two to three times over twenty hours of play but for Schreier it seemed to happen so frequently that he stopped used the Joy-Cons and opted for the ‘Pro Controller' instead.

However, the situation might not be as straight forward as a software sync issue. YouTube channel GameXplain posted a video yesterday investigating these reported Sync issues and found that both Joy-Cons can struggle to transmit inputs wirelessly with things in the way, such as a hand. So judging by that video, this may not be a syncing issue but rather a signal strength issue with the Joy-Cons.

KitGuru Says: What I really want to know is whether or not the Joy-Cons would be able to maintain a good signal with the console behind a TV or with something like a coffee table blocking direct line of sight. That said, if I were to pick up a Switch, I would likely just stick to using the Pro Controller anyway while in TV mode, which hasn't faced similar issues. 

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