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UK retailers cutting down Xbox One prices even more

Microsoft has been getting pretty aggressive with its pricing recently, once Titanfall launched, the Xbox One dropped in price to £399.99 and now the Titanfall bundle has been cut down further to match the PS4 at £349,99, which is closing in on £100 off of the console’s original launch price.

Asda was the first to offer the Titanfall bundle for the same price as a standalone PS4, following from that, Amazon joined in and also cut down on its price. If more retailers decide to drop prices in order to compete then we could see this become the new price point for the console. When the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft first launched, we were told time and again that we likely wouldn’t see any price drops within the first year, Sony is still sticking to its launch price but if Microsoft’s console starts catching up then we may see the PS4 become cheaper as well.


That said, this might just be a one time deal to shift some stock and might not lead to any sort of permanent price cut or put the pressure on Sony at all but we can hope for the best.

KitGuru Says: I’m the type of person that would ideally like to own all consoles in addition to my PC. The only problem is, console gaming is expensive and right now, there aren’t that many exclusives. That said, with prices coming down so fast, maybe this time next year the consoles will be much more affordable. What about you guys? Do you like to stick to one platform or do you like to keep a console laying around?

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  • Drak

    I prefer to stick with PCs, truth is the games on consoles are what kills it for me, I’m not willing to part with £50 -60 for 1 game, and to consider that if it was your main system it’s easy to assume you’d buy anywhere up to 10 games (£500 – £600) add that on to the price of the console in the first place and you would be better off with a PC. Those same games bought on PC in Steam sales would total more like £75 for 10 games. So £600 + the £350 for the console puts it at £950. 950 – 75 = £875 to spend on a PC, you can build a beast for £875!

  • XLighterShadowX

    I like to keep an Xbox laying around. The controller i can use with my pc for games such as Assassins Creed that are awkward as hell to play with keyboard & mouse but Also because it has great exclusives, namely Halo. But unless Destiny gets a PC reveal date within about a year or two of its initial release I don’t think i’ll need to worry too much about “next-gen”