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Sony Vita receives immediate patch to resolve freezing issues

Sony have a lot riding on the success of the new Vita handheld, which was released in Japan at the weekend. Gamers queued up overnight to be first to get hold of the new portable handheld console. Reports quickly filtered in that there were touch screen issues and freezing problems. Sony reacted quickly, issuing a software update to resolve the problems.

According to The Telegraph newspaper in the UK, Sony had anticipated the problems beforehand. The Vita is an integral product in the new Sony lineup, after the company experienced a rather poor 2011, based around many network hacks and supply problems due to the Japanese Tsunami. They have announced expected losses of more than $1bn.

The Vita should be a big seller for Sony and initial sales in Japan are promising. It is due for release in the UK in February 2012, priced at £229.99 for the basic model. They have yet to release information on Japan sales of the Vita, but they claimed to boost stocks to 700,000 to deal with strong demand on the opening weekend.

The Vita has a 5 inch screen with a custom made ARM quad core A9 based processor. With a touch screen, dual joystick input and motion sensors, it comes fully loaded for gamers. There is even a rear touch pad to enhance potential control capabilities.

At launch, 24 games are available including Final Fantasy, a popular title in Japan. The release of regular AAA titles is important to the success of the console, especially as Sony have watched Nintendo struggle with their 3DS.

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