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2nd gen Amazon Kindle Fire to be launched Q2 2012

The supply chain are preparing for the launch of the second version of the Kindle Fire in 2012. Industry sources spoke to Digitimes to confirm that parts and components for the production of the new tablet are already underway.

There are rumors that Amazon may be buying processors from Nvidia for the new tablet, which is said to increase to 8.9 inch. Digitimes add that Texas Instruments and controller ICs from Atmel or Cypress may be purchased.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos with the Kindle Fire. A second version with bigger screen and faster processing is already underway.

Amazon are apparently working on a deal with Foxconn Electronics, as an OEM partner for the assembly of the new Kindle Fire. Foxconn work closely with Apple in regards to their iPad range of tablets.

The global sales of tablet PC’s are said to peak over 28 million in the fourth quarter of 2011, 66% of which will be Apple iPads. The Kindle Fire, which has only been recently released is said to account for 14% of the overall sales, which is extremely impressive.

Kitguru says: Amazon are confident, already preparing for an updated version of the Kindle Fire in 2012.

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