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Activision drops another trailer for the next zombies chapter in Call of Duty: WWII

With Call of Duty: WWII’s first major expansion approaching at the end of the month, with it comes the next chapter in the incredibly popular Nazi Zombie saga. Activision has released a 2-minute trailer on what to expect as our heroes step foot on The Darkest Shore.

“The Darkest Shore follows our heroes into the next chapter of their dangerous journey. Only days after the horrific disaster of Mittelburg, the crew has received intel that suggests Doktor Straub is on an island just north of Germany,” describes Activision. “Blanketed in fog, this island is surrounded by Nazi air and sea power–and crawling with the Undead. Marie, Drostan, Olivia, and Jefferson will need to battle all this and more to uncover the mysteries hidden within The Darkest Shore.”

Included within The Resistance DLC pack, The Darkest Shore is set just days after the end of the last Nazi Zombies chapter included within the core title. Main antagonist Doktor Straub returns, unleashing new zombies which Activision promises will be “more cunning, quick, and even more bloodthirsty than before.”

It seems that the new map will make use of various environmental traps as well as adding atmospheric effects such as fog to hinder visibility. The trailer also reveals that planes and the use of anti-aircraft will have an impact (pun intended) on the story, and that zombies will emerge from the seas.

Away from the Nazi Zombies section, The Resistance DLC offers players three new multiplayer maps: Valkyrie, Anthropoid and a remake of the Modern Warfare 3 Resistance map, Occupation, alongside Operation Intercept, a new War Mode in which players must rescue French resistance fighters.

The Resistance lands on PS4 on January 30th, followed by Xbox One and PC releases in February, with it being included in the season pass as well as a standalone purchase.

KitGuru Says: Nazi Zombies mode is often what interests me in the Call of Duty games, although I can never justify a full triple-A price for a segment of the game. I’d still like to see a full blown Zombies title someday, preferably by Treyarch but I will take what I can get. What do you think of The Darkest Shore?

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