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Ark’s second expansion, Aberration, releases next month

Further expanding from its base dinosaur taming gameplay, Ark’s next expansion pits players against a whole host of fresh monstrosities to fight and control on a new, malfunctioning Ark called ‘Aberration’. Players clever and strong enough to survive Aberration will “uncover the ultimate secrets of the Arks and discover what the future holds in store.”

Aberration takes place in an elaborate underground biome system due to the ARK’s internal atmosphere leaking away, causing harsh radioactive sunlight to engulf its surface. Looking up at the end of the expansion’s trailer reveals the surface of another planet, one which is distinctly otherworldly.

Among the new creatures are the very alien-like ‘Rock Drake’, which harbours the ability to guild, stick to rocks and camouflage itself to its surroundings, the ‘Lantern Pug’, which help light the way similar to that of a walking anglerfish, the ‘Cave Crustacean’, that enables the player to “grab and toss multiple creatures simultaneously,” and perhaps the most dreaded ‘Nameless Queen.’ The Nameless Queen takes inspiration directly from Alien (1979), impregnating “foes with a horrifying reproductive chest-burster.”

Studio Wildcard touts over 50 new items in Aberration, from new technology like electric railguns to combat element-infused humanoids, to gliding wingsuits, climbing picks, ziplines and hazmat suits to traverse the treacherous terrain.

Including the aforementioned radiation, Aberration also exposes gas leaks and earthquakes in which players must avoid. To uncover the secrets, each player must beat the elemental chambers, and perhaps more interesting, the mysterious “master.” Given that this boss is touted as a “him,” it’s unlikely to be the already-feared Nameless Queen, but rather a more powerful enemy.

The Aberration expansion will be available on December 12th for $20 as a standalone purchase, or a part of the Season Pass, which subsequently nets you exclusive cosmetic gear including the Aberration Helmet and Sword.

KitGuru Says: At least this won’t stir as many people up considering it comes after Ark’s full release. I find it interesting to see it fully committing to the sci-fi themes, as this opens up untold directions for the future of the game. Will you be jumping back on Ark for Aberration?

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