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Atlus officially unveils Persona 5: The Royal as an enhanced version of the original

After months of teasing, Atlus has finally lifted the lid on what to expect from Persona 5: The Royal. As expected, the new game features many comprehensive upgrades to the original, but will sadly see a staggered release date worldwide.

Announced during the lengthily-titled ‘Persona Super Live P-Sound Street 2019: Welcome to No. Q Theater!’ concert, The Royal is comparable to Persona 4: Golden in its enhancements. The beautiful Japanese trailer showcases brand new characters, scenes, locations, interactions, attacks and a third semester to play about in.

Although the red-headed girl that appeared in the initial teaser fundamentally disagrees with the Phantom Thieves’ methods, it looks as though she will inevitably join the group, offering a new set of skills.

Atlus still seems to be prioritising Japan first, as PlayStation 4 owners in the country will be the first to get its hands on Persona 5: The Royal come October 31st. The developer hasn’t forgotten about its growing fan base in the West, as the game will release internationally at some point next year.

Another announcement has yet to come as the company continues its event through until tomorrow. At the end of the presentation, Atlus will finally lift the lid on Persona 5 S, which is rumoured to be either hotly anticipated Nintendo Switch version or a spin-off containing “new Phantom Thieves,” according to the source code of the calling card. Ideally, it will be both – Persona 5: The Royal for Nintendo Switch.

KitGuru Says: I’ve sunk a number of hours into Persona 5 and just know that I will likely buy it again when The Royal receives localisation. A Nintendo Switch version, with or without the enhancements, is definitely at the top of my wishlist, though. Are you happy with the showcased upgrades to The Royal?

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