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Atlus teases Persona 5 S reveal for April 25

Persona fans are getting impatient with the endless teasing from developer Atlus, but there isn’t too much longer to wait for all to be revealed. Persona 5: The Royal finally be unveiled on the first day of its game-themed concert, while the second and final day will debut the mysterious …

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Persona 5 delayed until 2016

Persona 5 has been delayed until the summer of next year, according to a new trailer for the game that launched today. The game will now hit the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in 2016, though publisher, Atlus, originally expected the game to release before the end of this year. …

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Atlus saves failed RPG Kickstarter

Indie studio, Eden Industries, went to Kickstarter to fund its retro RPG, Citizens of Earth but only came out with a third of the necessary funds to create the game, which seemingly doomed the project until publisher, Atlus, swooped in to save the day. Atlus, which has published titles like …

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