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Persona 4 Golden to get massive PC update ahead of console launch

The mainline Persona games have historically been exclusive to Sony systems, though this has been slowly but surely changing. Following the release of Persona 5 Royal on all platforms, Persona 4 Golden is next, planned for release in January 2023. Ahead of this however, it seems the game’s already-released PC version will be seeing a rather large update to bring it in line with the upcoming console versions.

As discovered by Twitter users ‘Sewer56’ and ‘RUDIGER’ Persona 4 Golden on PC is set to get a rather significant update. Just some of the changes noted so far in the pre-release files includes:

  • Game filesystem has been completely redone (similar to P5R)
  • The EXE is now 64-bit
  • Performance massively improved
  • New graphics settings
  • New quick save/suspend feature
  • The AOA stutter is fixed
  • Fixed title screen logo and “retum to Inaba”
  • Dojima's sprite can now blink
  • Various font changes

Persona 4 Golden originally released for PC back in 2020 and while the launch was met with few complaints, it is nice to see the team wanting to make sure that the game offers a consistent experience across devices.

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