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Persona 6 coming in late 2024 exclusively for PS5 according to insider

It's been almost 7 years since the release of Persona 5 and yet there has been no official word on a sequel. That said, plenty of rumours and leaks have popped up over the years. As we inch closer to the inevitable release of a Persona 6, details surrounding the unannounced title have sprung up – with a new set of leaks reporting on multiple Persona projects.

This leak comes from industry insider Nate the Hate, who has in the past reported on a number of Persona details. According to the insider, Persona 6 is likely to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive and is planned to launch sometime in late 2024.

The much-rumoured Persona 3 Remake was also addressed, with Nate claiming that the game will release some time later this year. Additionally, the insider stated that the remake will be a multiplatform release, and is planned to be announced at the upcoming Xbox Showcase.

Finally, Nate spoke on spin-offs, revealing that some kind of Persona 5 spin-off is in the works and is planned to release in 2024 ahead of the official Persona 6 launch. No additional details were shared on what this spin-off will be, though based on prior releases it could be anything from a dungeon crawling RPG to a rhythm game. We will have to wait and see.

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