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Bethesda’s official ultrawide support has left Fallout 76 players unhappy

Ultrawide users that engaged in Fallout 76’s beta were sorely disappointed at the lack of native support, with Bethesda promising to rectify the situation after release. The game’s latest patch finally made good on that promise, but it seems as though Bethesda has cut corners, leaving players unimpressed.

Beta players were forced to dive into the INI file in order to make changes for ultrawide resolutions, resulting in the native 16:9 aspect ratio stretched to fit 21:9 displays. This translated badly when it came to field of view and user interface, resulting a particularly uncomfortable experience for many. The latest update finally adds the option for 21:9 aspect ratios within the in-game menu, however the official update seems to be little more than simple modifications to the INI file that bring with it the same caveats as the original workaround.

Screenshots taken by Redditor AbheekG, noticed by IGN, showcase the stretched gameplay, accompanied by a note that criticises Bethesda for failing to do what Fallout 76 modders have been attempting since the launch of the game. AbheekG isn’t alone in this opinion, as many have expressed their disappointment at Bethesda’s latest lack of effort.

Bethesda has yet to comment on the controversy, however it has revealed that it might have one more patch in the works before the end of the year. If the studio does manage to power through another update in the short time it has left, it seems unlikely that it will include more comprehensive support for ultrawide monitors, leaving many people hoping for 2019 instead.

KitGuru Says: Bethesda has never been great at ultrawide support, but fulfilling a promise with such a lazy effort is incredibly disappointing. As someone who suffered from motion sickness in Fallout 4 and owns an ultrawide monitor, I certainly wouldn’t be playing the game at such a poorly stretched aspect ratio.

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