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Fallout 76 will get native ultrawide support after release

The Fallout 76 beta officially ends later today, which means it is now time for Bethesda to start talking about what to expect from the game on release and beyond. On the PC side of things, the beta had a few issues, which resulted in locked frame rates and FOV for the final sessions. Those two things are unlikely to change but 21:9 players will be getting native support after release.

You could unlock ultrawide resolutions during the Fallout 76 beta by editing the .ini file but this resulted in a lot of stretching, particularly with the in-game HUD. In a post on Reddit this week, Bethesda thanked players for testing the game and began discussing plans for the final release. At some point after the game's initial launch, native 21:9 support will be implemented, which should remove the need for players to mess with the game files.

Unfortunately, Bethesda won't be adding an FOV slider to make the game more comfortable for those that suffer with motion sickness. This seems to be due to the fact that expanding the FOV can break animations and cause clipping. The new frame rate locks will also likely remain in place due to Bethesda's engine.

A push to talk feature is going to remain absent for the time being. Leaving voice chat on by default is Bethesda's way of keeping the world ‘alive', although this may be revisited after launch depending on further feedback from players. Text chat is still a missing option and Bethesda has yet to comment on whether or not it plans to add this as an option in the future.

KitGuru Says: Fallout 76 appears to push Bethesda's engine to its very limits. Hopefully by the time Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI roll around, the studio will have upgraded to something more modern. Have many of you played Fallout 76 during beta? 

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