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Cats and Dogs come to The Sims 4 this November

The Toddler Stuff Pack may not even be out yet, but in a change of pace, EA is quick to announce what it has in store for The Sims 4 in the coming months. The publisher took to Gamescom to announce that the next addition to the game will be the long awaited Cats and Dogs expansion, due out this November.

The Cats and Dogs pack allows players to make their fluffy best friends, using a robust “Create A Pet” tool to customise everything from their breed, coat and age to their personality traits. If the coats provided aren’t extensive enough, the expansion even allows you to dress your pets up for special occasions, including making your cat look like a clown. Don’t worry though, it’s just a game.

Of course, you will have to take care of your pets, which is why developer, Maxis has also introduced the brand-new veterinarian occupation, in which your Sim can run a business, hire staff and save one fur baby at a time.

Lastly, the pack includes the doggy haven (not heaven) of Bridleton Bay, a new coastal area designed to “play fetch near the harbour docks, take a walk to the lighthouse, visit a park to set up an obstacle course, meet other pet-loving locals, and even find stray pets that Sims can take in as their own.”

Although the pack follows in the footsteps of The Sims 3 Pets, Dogs and Cats lacks the inclusion of horses and the ability to control your animals, much to the outrage of some of the community. Of course, more content could be added down the line but EA has yet to clarify any more about future content. Another thing to note is that the expansion introduces different system requirements to the base game, meaning those that play on minimum might not be able to run the new content. Now, you'll need 4GB of RAM instead of the previous 2GB and those on Windows 7 will only be able to play on the 64bit version.

You don’t have too long to wait, as you’ll “experience the cuddly companionship and delightful surprises cats and dogs will bring into their Sims' daily lives” when the pack lands on November 10th for PC and Mac. Pricing has yet to be confirmed, but let’s face it, you can’t put a price on such a cuddly and lovable best friend.

KitGuru Says: While I can commend the patience of The Sims fans considering EA’s treatment of content for the latest game, console fans will have to endure a little more as there is currently no word on whether the expansions will reach the platforms. Are any of you wanting to pick up the new Cats and Dogs pack?  

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