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AMD Vega Mobile graphics spotted in Raven Ridge benchmarks

It’s known that AMD’s next line of APUs, dubbed Raven Ridge, will fuse the latest in Zen processing units with Vega graphics. Although they are not expected to arrive until later this year, a recent benchmark has revealed the Vega Mobile tech, codenamed Radeon Vega 8 and 10 Mobile Graphics.

This is not to be confused with the desktop graphics chips, coined Vega 10, that reside in the recent RX Vega 64, but rather the mobile chip that acts as an integrated graphics solution to be included within the latest line of AMD APUs.

According to the OpenCL manifesto, The Ryzen 7 2700U will house AMD Radeon Vega 10 Mobile Graphics, and the Ryzen 5 2500U will contain the AMD Radeon Vega 8 Mobile GPU. Interestingly, GFXBench shows that The Vega 8 Mobile chip is listed as having more Compute Units than its Vega 10 Mobile counterpart, sitting at 11 CUs and 704 Stream Processors over 8 CUs and 512 Stream Processors respectively.

Vega 8 Mobile having more CUs than Vega 10 Mobile is certain to raise eyebrows, but this information has to be taken with a pinch of salt. At this time, we are unable to confirm its reliability or if such early benchmarks would be representative of a final product.

Both of these APUs are expected to arrive later this year as a part of the AMD Ryzen 2000 series of APUs, the first to include Ryzen Mobile chips. The first in the Ryzen Pro Mobile chips, aimed at business devices is expected to follow, releasing in early 2018.

KitGuru Says: After the poor communication surrounding Vega pricing, AMD needs to be as clear as possible and not leave its consumers confused. That means we should, hopefully, know for sure what Ryzen Mobile holds in store when it reaches an official announcement. Are you interested in what Raven Ridge has to offer?

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  • Nenad Militarevic

    I plan to buy it in a laptop, but if I can get Coffee Lake i5 plus MX150 for about 650 euros in October and there is still no wording on RR price/date, i will go for the first option. Also, it worries me that Ryzen platform is not very Linux friendly.

  • Charlie

    I prefer to buy the ryzen 1700 based from asus that will come this month to have the 8 core power….

  • Troll_Slayer

    RR for “holiday season”, according to AMD. Pricing, come on, you know better than Intel and better APU.

  • Camm

    I’ve long felt CPU performance in notebooks was ‘good enough’, but graphics was lacking. Raven Ridge could fix that somewhat.

  • Moonchild

    ryzen is pretty ok with linux nowadays

  • Frankieacollett

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  • Rintarou Okabe

    I really think it’s better if they introduced amd R7 2700 45W 8 core processor. They have managed to reduce the power consumption on bulldozer architecture after all.
    I’d rather buy a gaming laptop with a pure Ryzen cpu (With the NVIDIA maxQ concept rather than an RX 580 if amd doesn’t do something about the power consumption of Vega) rather than an APU.
    As for buying an apu based laptop I’d buy it if they put it in the Zenbook of reintroduce Acer Ferrari laptops as ultrathin 2-in-1s.

  • Petar Posavec

    You do realize that RX 580 in the Asus laptops have a TDP of 65W, right?
    They also reportedly have a base clock speed of about 1077 MhZ and might boost beyond 1200MhZ.

    Binning and lowering clock speeds can do wonders… now throw in undervolting, and the mobile RX 580 will be even better.

    Bear in mind that AMD usually releases it’s reference GPU’s with much higher voltages to improve yields.
    There’s that, and the fact they are using a manuf. process more suitable for lower clock speeds (hence the higher TDP on Vega – it’s clocks are rather high, and the manuf. process is not optimized for those speeds – nvidia uses a manuf. process more suitable for higher clock speeds).

    I’m hoping AMD will move away from Global foundries manuf. process and use a different one for 14nm+… that or the manuf. process refresh will be able to improve efficiency by quite a bit.. that’s of course if AMD decides to use it for Vega (we know Ryzen will be refreshed on it).

    I’m going to get myself the Asus ROG laptop with Ryzen 1700 and RX 580 and then undervolt both for improved efficiency and thermals.
    It’s going to be my first upgrade in almost 9 years now.

    There’s that… and I wouldn’t necessarily mind getting a laptop with AMD Ryzen 2000 series of APUs that have Vega as an IGP too.

  • justin vistin

    Correct. Vega just like polaris is power efficent with the right voltage and clocks. Both are just fine for laptops with that in mind.

  • Ligiammahoney


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  • Petar Posavec

    Yup… but no one talks about AMD using a manuf. process that’s not suited for higher clock speeds, or overvoltage to improve yields – ergo, people get a wrong impression about AMD products being energy efficient and power draw.

    in reality, when tested in games, the power draw of Vega 56 for example was similar to 1070 (still higher but not too far out).
    Add in undervolting with proper drivers, and I suspect Vega 56 can end up with better efficiency vs 1070 and better performance as time goes on.

  • Da vid

    By the time AMD is using the 7 nm process there will be little need of discrete video cards.

  • Maurice Fortin

    Asus does not make CPU lol, a Ryzen 1700 is a ryzen 1700 no matter who puts it into their laptop/computer, the only thing they can do is give better cooling or factory overclock that about it ^.^

  • Maurice Fortin

    depends on your workload, games are likely to need discrete video cards for awhile yet, can only strap so much iGPU under the hood, that being said, APU design specifically AMD based are much much better than when they first came out so for “majority” that are not needing a bunch of graphical horsepower APU are quite good enough really, at least it keeps the $$$ in check

  • Maurice Fortin

    Bulldozer and Ryzen completely different, the best they had with Bulldozer derived was excavator and even that “Kabini” is far behind what Ryzen is can only do so much when you limit wattage or increase the amount of cores and starve them of power if not designed for it in first place.

    Bulldozer derived design are “dead” all “new” AMD designs will be using “Zen” in one form or another.

  • Maurice Fortin

    unfortunately AMD is “locked” to GF to use X amount of wafers or they pay millions of $ in “fines” the RX 580 is asus laptops is no different then any other that other makers such as say MSI or whatever can use they (asus) might give different cooling or upclock/downclock etc but a “mobile” gpu is not “tied” to a specific maker as a one off design unless is a very specialized $$$ part for a halo type product.

  • Maurice Fortin

    they “should have” tuned better from the gate, alas that means more $ per product AMD nor Nvidia nor Intel generally bin tests beyond a certain point if AMD was really concerned about them being as best they could be for power/heat etc they would have taken a bit more time from the factory to keep as low volts/watts as possible may have never had the issue with say RX 480 overdrawing on 12v rail/slot or RX 500-Vega-Fury using as much power as they do when a “simple” drop the power slider 10-20% supposedly does miracles in actual power use as well as keeping the clocks up and heat down, IMO something AMD should have done right off the bat TBH…am sure they could have put something in their drivers to “monitor” for quality control just in case crashes happen more frequently or something.

    AMD makes awesome products, I use them and plan on doing so as long as I can afford/need to use them, they should go that “extra” mile at least to “tune” so not rely on customers who do not know this type of thing end up burning extra power or it running hotter then should which is harder on the customer and the customers system ^.^

  • Rintarou Okabe

    I think we’re having some sort of misunderstood here.
    I was talking about how much amd improved upon a crappy core and reduced the voltage. If they do the same with Zen the results would be great.

  • Rintarou Okabe

    AMD Ravenridge is being tested even on Android. I am pretty sure they can’t afford to ignore linux for long.
    Honestly I was expecting a Ravenridge MacBook air. But intel decided to do quad-core U processors. I don’t think Ravenridge laptops will be as crappy as trinity and excavator laptops used to be. But you still won’t get premium ones.
    If there was a chance Rog would’ve released a Zephyrus rather than a Stryx with Ryzen 7 1700. Same goes for Dell XPS all-in-one. For amd there’s only inspiron even now.
    I honestly hope Dell releases XPS 13 with Ravenridge.

  • Mat Bailie

    By the time AMD’s APUs can match today’s GPUs, there will be people on 4K HDR 120Hz monitors, more use of VR, graphics engines will have grown in complexity to make use of better hardware for more realistic rendering, etc, etc. “Casual” gaming on 1080p monitors or TVs at 30Hz+ is already well within an APU’s reach, and that will only improve. It is clear, however, that as GPU power grows there is always something ready to take advantage of it. GPUs are certainly going to be around for the foreseeable future.

  • Pablo Germán Marcolini

    I want to buy a notebook with Raven Ridge, as soon as possible (of course i’d like to see good rewiews before to buy). Greetings from Argentina.