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Dataminers uncover codename of the second DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Early in December, a rumour stated that Dragon Quest would finally see representation in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the second DLC character included in the Fighters Pass. Dataminers have since delved into the game and found references that could very well back this up, or suggest something entirely different.

Data from this leak has been kept quiet for quite some time, with Kurogane Hammer credited for its discovery. Since going public, discussions across social media and ResetEra have been delving into what the potential codenames could mean.

First up is ‘fighter_kind_packun,’ a reference to “Pankun Flower,” otherwise known as Piranha Plant in the West. Piranha Plant was included as a redeemable pre-order bonus for those that purchased Super Smash Bros. Ultimate early. Next is ‘fighter_kind_jack,’ which is believed to be the codename used for Persona 5’s Joker. Joker was announced during The Game Awards 2018 and is believed to bring with him Jack Frost, a recurring Persona, as a summon. Both of these characters have been present since the base game launched.

As of the Day One patch, aptly called 1.1.0, ‘fighter_kind_brave’ was added to the list. This lends credibility to earlier rumours of Dragon Quest III’s Erdrick potentially making an appearance, as ResetEra’s MondoMega states that勇者 (Yuusha) is directly translated to brave and also used as the name for the “Hero” class within the series.

Of course, there are holes to pick regarding direct translations, as the same word also means hero. Alternatively, some have speculated that it could indicate a fighter from Bravely Default, another title published by Square Enix.

We likely won’t find out for some time, as the first DLC character confirmed, Joker, still has yet to receive a release date. Each fighter will be available for $5.99 each, while the Fighters Pass offers all five up for $24.99.

KitGuru Says: Given the sheer size of Dragon Quest in Japan and its growth here in the West, it’s likely to be the next series to be included in Smash’s roster. Still, it’s fun to think of what else might make an appearance instead. What would you like to see make it into the crossover brawler?

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