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Epic Games removes blind loot boxes from Fortnite Save the World

Epic Games is making some changes in Fortnite’s Save the World mode, replacing blind loot boxes with transparent packs that are upfront about their contents.  This doesn't affect the infinitely more popular Battle Royale mode, thanks to the game focusing more on tradtional microtransactions.

New “X-Ray” Llamas will be introduced in version 7.30, outright replacing the previous V-Buck Llamas by allowing players to see what’s inside the pack before purchasing. Upgrading Llamas yields the same transparent results, showcasing the contents beforehand. This isn’t exactly the same as general microtransactions however; as players will still need to wait for the daily refresh to access different loot boxes if the original is unsatisfactory.

Specific items can still be directly purchased with currency earned in-game, while almost everything about the Llamas remains the same. Pricing remains unchanged and requirements to earn via gameplay are identical. Players are also assured that items of any rarity will be something they don’t already own thanks to account-bound “dupe prevention” ensuring that no duplicates are handed out.

Those already playing Save the World will receive 5 free Llama Upgrade Tokens in order to trial the new system, although these won’t apply to Mini Llamas and Event Llamas, which will continue to be blind.

The Nintendo Switch version of Battle Royale will also be receiving a vast amount of changes coming in update v7.30, primarily geared towards optimisation and frame rate stabilisation. Epic is able to do this thanks to the move to “a more efficient memory allocator on Switch,” which simultaneously reduces the amount of crashes on the platform.

EDIT: This story previously suggested that Fortnite's Battle Royale mode also contained blind Llamas. This is not the case and has been edited to reflect as such.

KitGuru Says: It seems as though Epic Games recognises the controversial nature of loot boxes and wants to do something about it. I'm impressed that the Battle Royale component has been as successful as it has without loot boxes. It shows that you don't need a randomised practice in order to make a profit.

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