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Dragon Ball ‘Project Z’ set to launch this year, appears to be inspired by Legacy of Goku

A short while back, Bandai Namco began teasing its next Dragon Ball game, currently titled ‘Project Z'. All we knew at the time was that it was set to be an action RPG, with a release on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Now, a full trailer has come out, giving us a better insight and from the looks of it, this could end up being a spiritual successor to the Legacy of Goku series.

For those who don't know, The Legacy of Goku games were small action-RPGs for the Gameboy Advance. You would play through the core Dragon Ball Z story line, levelling up key main characters as you go. Project Z is going to be a full 3D action-RPG, centered around telling the story of Goku, likely with RPG levelling elements similar to what we have seen in the Dragonball Xenoverse series.

The trailer doesn't show us much, but the cinematics confirm that we will be seeing a retelling of the core Dragon Ball Z story. Some brief gameplay snippets can be seen, showing Goku walking through the forest near his home, at Kame House and around West City, where Capsule Corporation is based.

The final shot of the trailer shows Goku standing in a large field with West City off in the distance- hinting at an open game with room to fly around and explore. All of these locations were explorable in the Legacy of Goku series, which combined the core Dragon Ball Z story with some original story elements.

Currently, Project Z is due to release at some point in 2019. If development stays on track, we should see and hear much more about this game over the coming months.

KitGuru Says: Project Z is shaping up to be very exciting. There was a time where Dragon Ball games started to feel like a copy and paste job but the last five years or so have really shaken things up. If this game does end up being as open and explorable as the trailer hints at, then I'll be very pleased. 

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