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The rumoured Metroid Prime Trilogy for Nintendo Switch is reportedly complete

Metroid Prime fans haven’t had it easy, with their 12-year wait for a true sequel extended even further thanks to Metroid Prime 4 being scrapped and restarted. Nintendo might have something in store for fans in the meantime, as reports suggest that Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch has already been completed.

Rumours of a Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Switch began swirling last month, thanks to Swedish retailer Inet sneaking out a listing for the supposed collection of games. This follows a pattern that Nintendo established with Beyonetta, announcing a true sequel and a collective remaster of the previous entries for people to play on the new console. Given the timing, many eyes looked towards The Game Awards 2019 for an announcement, but ultimately nothing ever cropped up.

It’s likely that the troubles with Metroid Prime 4 caused Nintendo to delay the unveiling, as the company works out its new roadmap as a result of the changes made. This is particularly frustrating for fans, as Game Informer’s Senior Editor Imran Khan explained that the game has “been long done.”

Of course, without an official announcement of the Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch, Nintendo is unlikely to be concerned that fans are irritated over leaks they should perhaps take with a pinch of salt. All we can do is hope that the firm releases the game sooner rather than later in order to tide people over.

KitGuru Says: I’m incredibly impressed that Nintendo has been so forthcoming about Metroid Prime 4, while simultaneously confused as to why the company would keep its Trilogy for Switch hush. Still, I’m hoping that there’s truth to all of this and that we don’t have to wait too much longer. Would you like Metroid Prime Trilogy to land on Switch?

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