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Hello Neighbor gets a new trailer ahead of its December 8th release

If you haven’t heard of Dynamic Pixels’ upcoming survival horror Hello Neighbor, then you’re missing out as it takes a contemporary look into the over-saturated genre using artificial intelligence. A new trailer has dropped in preparation for its release later this week, showing more of its sneaky, creepy action in play.

Hello Neighbor follows the player as they attempt to invade their neighbour’s privacy to try and uncover a “horrible secret.” First, you have to find a way into the rather large complex, avoiding detection at all costs. You can peek through keyholes, lurk in the shadows and, if you get caught, try to run from the vest-wearing maniac.

The catch, however, is that when you get caught, the AI of the enemy adapts to your previous behaviour. You might not want to try entering through that window again, as he might have placed a trap below it.

Progression is item-based as players use up to four inventory slots to house equipment that will allow them to unlock new areas. More than one of the same item cannot be stacked within the same inventory slot, making space quite tight.

An alpha build of Hello Neighbor was released back in 2015 on Dynamic Pixels’ website, before going on to successfully fund itself across Kickstarter and the now-defunct Steam Greenlight. The title has come quite far since the days of its alpha, but did suffer a slight set back when it was delayed from an August release to December 8th.

KitGuru Says: Whereas most titles are about discovering and exploiting a pattern, Hello Neighbor attempts to be unique, keeping players on their toes and forcing them to adapt just as the enemy does. Are you ready to out-creep the creepy neighbour in order to discover his dark secret?

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