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Kingdom Come: Deliverance producer feels that the game needed more time in the oven

Kingdom Come: Deliverance released two weeks ago after a long time in the making, already achieving wonderful success with over a million copies sold. Despite this, executive producer Martin Klíma has stated that the development team would have benefited from more time to polish the game for its final release.

Klíma opened up on the official developer forum, Warhorse Studios Weekly Torch, answering fan questions in a Q&A. One of the more interesting questions shed light on how Klíma felt about publications touting the title as a triple-A game, meaning a big budget and often found backed by a major publisher.

“I don’t see KCD as competing with the likes of Assassin’s Creed or Shadow of War. We simply don’t have resources to create a game like that. I don’t view us as an indie game either, though,” explains Klíma. “

The reason for this is that he deems ‘real’ triple-A games as “more and more forgiving,” almost as if they “are playing themselves.” Conversely, indie games attempt to break that barrier and bring forth originality, but are limited by their smaller budgets.

Image Credit: Warhorse Studios Weekly Torch Forums

Kingdom Come: Deliverance “is an attempt of bridging the two: it is an indie game at heart – more hardcore, more demanding, more fierce – but with the visuals and production values of AAA game,” states Klíma. “I freely admit though that I wish we had more time to polish the game before the release, that’s what AAA game deserves.”

Klíma closes out the Q&A by thanking the “mature, reasonable and supportive community” for being so understanding of the issues that persist with the game as the developers traverse these early stages, even joking that “damn Bitcoin miners prevent us to get a good GPU or even pair of GPUs to test” 4K resolution and 60 frames per second.

Players and readers can still ask questions here, as the team is notable for holding these Q&As regularly. Please note that there is no guarantee that your question will be answered.

KitGuru Says: Even with the issues, it’s nice to see another crowdfunded game make its way out into the world, despite it being 4 years later. The developers at Warhorse Studios seem committed to the game and the sales show that there is a clear demand for it. Were you one of the first million to buy the game? Do you think it needs more polish?

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