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The Witcher’s Netflix series has its first script and character confirmations

Back in May 2017, we learned that Netflix would be putting together a TV series based on The Witcher. While the video game series is largely what popularized Geralt of Rivia and his friends, the TV series will be taking its inspiration from the original novels that started it all. In December, we learned that Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, previously of Daredevil, would be acting as the series showrunner. Now just a couple of months later, it looks like The Witcher's pilot script has been written.

In addition to being the showrunner for The Witcher, Lauren S. Hissrich is also the writer for the show's pilot episode. She tweeted about the script over the weekend, adding that the script is now doing the rounds behind the scenes to gather feedback and notes. We still don't know much about the show in terms of story, but Hissrich did tweet out some notes describing each of the major characters appearing in the show.

So far, confirmed characters include some familar faces in addition to some lesser-known ones. Geralt will obviously be at the center of the story, but Yennefer, Triss, Ciri, Roach (the horse), Emperor Emhyr and Jaskier (otherwise known as Dandelion) will be there.

Some less familiar faces set to appear include Cahir- a Nilfguardian knight, Regis- the vampire who you will recognize from The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine expansion, Viglefortz- a mage and member of the chapter of sorcerers, Milva- an archer and companion of Geralt and finally Leo Bonhart- a bounty hunter who claims to have taken down three Witchers in his time.

So far, the cast of characters sounds promising and if you have read the books, then you can get a rough idea of some of the stories they are planning to tell in The Witcher Netflix series. We still don't know any of the actors that will be taking on these prominent roles, but the ball is moving.

KitGuru Says: I'm hoping that this series comes out later this year, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. The pilot script is just the beginning and filming needs to get underway before we get any details or even a trailer. Are many of you looking forward to The Witcher Netflix series? What do you think of the information we have so far?

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