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Leatherface tears his way into Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Digital Inc announced that the title was set to get more licensed characters after its introduction of Halloween’s Michael Myres last October. Much to everyone’s surprise, The Texas Chainsaw Massicre’s Leatherface has been introduced as the next killer, clashing with the already established Hillbilly.

Hillbilly has been available since the game launched and was always presumably based on Leatherface, from wielding his signature weapons of a chainsaw and hammer to his disfigured face that he opts to cover up. Instead, Leatherface takes the title of Cannibal and houses a number of different abilities.

Despite the similarities, the developers ensure that Leatherface is a unique killer, wielding a much heavier chainsaw as his primary in comparison to Hillbilly’s handheld secondary weapon. He is additionally able to wield a sledgehammer; I imagine separately to Bubba’s Chainsaw.

His Knock Out ability stops survivors from seeing dying teammates if they are out of range. The Barbecue & Chili ability reveals the aura of other survivors for three seconds after hooking one, provided they are 36 meters away or more. Franklin’s Demise gives Leatherface the ability to make survivors drop and damage items, causing a portion of its base amount of charges to be lost.

Leatherface is now playable on Steam costing £2.79, while coming to consoles at a later date.

KitGuru Says: Many are complaining that the similarities are just too much and that they would rather another licensed character. While it would have been fitting to add in Pennywise given the new IT movie, the introduction of Leatherface doesn’t prohibit other characters from making their way in the future. Will you be suiting up as Leatherface any time soon?

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