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Meteor shower kicks off Fortnite’s Season 4 with a bang, changing the map

For the past few weeks, a giant meteor has been lingering above players in Fortnite: Battle Royale, prompting speculation as to what Epic Games had in store for its fourth season. It seems many had already figured out that this was in order to renovate the current map, however instead of hitting Tilted Towers as many suspected, it was Dusty Depot that received the most attention.

With one of its three major warehouses reduced to a crater after the largest meteor landed, Dusty Depot has transformed into Dusty Divot, a quarantined area that the government is keeping tabs on for research of the space rock.

Hopping the fence and exploring the area, along with the many other comet impacts across the map, gives players access to shards of the meteor called Hop Rocks. This is a consumable that grants players a limited time of gravity defying jumps, which are much higher albeit much slower than Fortnite’s usual mechanics.

Beyond the comet sites, a new area called Risky Reels has been added to the game, a drive-in theatre which debuted in the Season 4 trailer. Existing areas have also seen some changes, with players discovering hidden bases that look oddly like laboratories below areas such as Anarchy Acres and elsewhere.

Each one of these new bases sports a different logo, prompting speculation that each one belongs to a different superhero (or villain). This is further emphasised on through the introduction of two new skins, Carbide and Battlehawk, with the former sporting a very superhero aesthetic.

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Season 4 has much more than map changes and it looks to be building towards something bigger as the narrative continues. Players already have access to new challenges and rewards, and balances have been made, such as placing the crossbow in the Vault, temporarily removing it from the title, tweaking limbs and guns from blocking headshots and allowing for destruction on the starter island.

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KitGuru Says: Although I have an interest in the much-forgotten original title, I don’t play much of Fortnite: Battle Royale, but I do appreciate Epic’s attention to detail on event narrative. Are you looking forward to jumping into the overhauled map?

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