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Microsoft is reportedly working on a new Xbox controller built for accessibility

It looks as though Microsoft has a new Xbox controller in the works with a radical new design. Supposedly built around accessibility, the leaked controller features oversized buttons and will debut in the run up to E3 2018.

The distinctly flat promotional image was leaked by Twitter user h0x0d, emblazoned with the Xbox logo on its underside and its traditional home button. The bulky “A” and “B” buttons paired with the large directional pad seem to be geared towards those that favour touch over sight, helping users with accessibility needs to navigate the pad.

To the left is a three-light LED indicator, first seen on the leaked Xbox Elite V2 controller, which hints at multiple profiles for what is speculated to be programmable buttons. The controller, internally known as Project Z, also includes a USB input on its side, along with what looks to be a headphone jack.

Although Microsoft has yet to reveal the controller’s full functionality, one of its more interesting rumoured features relates to its plethora of symbols at the top, which suggest that the device will support multiple devices.

While the device is likely to debut during Microsoft’s E3 keynote on June 10th, there’s a possibility that we could see more on the controller in the lead up to the company’s presentation.

KitGuru Says: Accessibility isn’t a new market for Microsoft, but it’s nice to see the company taking an interest in enabling its users to navigate its selection of applications and games. No doubt that this will be beneficial for PC users somewhere down the line too. What do you think of Microsoft’s latest controller concept?

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