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E3 2018: Here is the complete schedule for each of the big conferences

E3 is consistently the most exciting time of the year for gamers everywhere and this year should be no different. The event kicks off  this weekend, and all of the big publishers are prepared, with EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Nintendo and Sony  all hosting press conferences. 

Similarly to last year, EA will be kicking off E3 2018. The publisher has a lot to prove this year, as 2017 did not go well, considering the issues with Mass Effect Andromeda and Star Wars Battlefront II. The EA conference will take place on Saturday the 9th of June. The conference will be streamed on both YouTube Gaming and Twitch. Here are the start times:

  • West Coast US: 11PM (PDT)
  • East Coast US: 2PM (EDT)
  • Europe: 8PM (CEST)
  • UK: 7PM (BST)

On Sunday 10th June, Microsoft/Xbox will be first in line to make its announcements. With the Xbox One X now out on the market, this year's conference will hopefully focus more on games. We've already heard that Microsoft will have its biggest E3 presence ever this year. We'll hear all about that on the 10th of June, here are the start times:

  • West Coast US: 1PM.
  • East Coast US: 4PM.
  • Europe: 10PM
  • UK: 9PM.

Shortly after, Bethesda will be holding its own conference. We've already seen plenty of teasing for future Prey content. There is a rumour that Bethesda may announce a new IP, currently known as ‘Starfield' but aside from that, we have no idea what to expect. Perhaps The Elder Scrolls 6 will finally make an appearance. This conference will be taking place on Sunday the 10th of June, here are the start times:

  • West Coast US: 6:30PM.
  • East Coast US: 9:30PM
  • Europe: 3:30AM (Monday morning)
  • UK: 2:30AM (Monday morning).

Kicking off E3's Monday morning will be Square Enix. The Japanese publisher has a lot of potential options this year. We already know it has a Marvel Avengers title in the works, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is due out later this year and there is potential for an update on Kingdom Hearts 3, which as far as we know, is still due for a 2018 release date. Here is when the conference kicks off:

  • West Coast US: 10AM.
  • East Coast US: 1PM.
  • Europe: 7PM.
  • UK: 6PM.

After that, Ubisoft will take the stage. Last year we saw the return of Assassin's Creed, and the reveal of Mario+Rabbids. This year, there are rumors that we may see the return of Splinter Cell, and possibly Watch Dogs 3. The Division 2 was also briefly announced earlier this year, so I think we can expect that to appear. Either way, we'll be finding out on Monday the 11th of June. Here are the start times:

  • West Coast US: 1PM
  • East Coast US: 4PM
  • Europe:  10PM
  • UK: 9PM.

The PC Gaming Show returns once again this year. This particular conference has had its ups and downs over the years, but usually harbours a few interesting announcements. It will once again be hosted by Sean Plott/Day9. The stream will take place on Monday the 11th of June, here are the start times:

  • West Coast US: 3PM.
  • East Coast US: 6PM.
  • Europe: Midnight (June 12th early hours).
  • UK: 11PM.

Closing out E3 on Monday the 11th of June is Sony and the PlayStation E3 conference. This year, Sony has confirmed plans to do things a little differently with ‘deep dives' on four games in particular: Ghosts of Tsushima, Death Stranding, Spider-Man and The Last of Us 2. Oddly enough, Days Gone wasn't mentioned, but there was confirmation of a few third-party announcements also taking place. Here are the start times for the conference:

  • West Coast US: 6PM.
  • East Coast US: 9PM.
  • Europe: 3AM (June 12th early hours).
  • UK: 2AM (June 12th early hours).

On Tuesday the 12th of June, Nintendo will be holding its own livestreamed E3 briefing. It won't be a live show like all of the others, instead Nintendo will present its announcements as part of a Nintendo Direct. However, at E3, the new Smash Bros for Switch will be playable, there will also be a Splatoon 2 tournament going on. Here are the start times for Nintendo's announcements:

  • West Coast US: 9AM
  • East Coast US: 12PM
  • Europe: 6PM
  • UK: 5PM

There is plenty of buzz surrounding E3 this year, and judging by the recent rumours, it could be one of the best.

KitGuru Says: That just about wraps it up for the major streams. Now all we need to do is wait for the festivities to begin. What are you looking forward to seeing at E3 this year? Are there any announcements you hope to see? 

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