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Computex 2018: Antec’s new case lineup, memory and PSUs

We had the chance to swing by Antec's suite at Computex this year. There were quite a few announcements taking place but two things stood out in particular- Project X and Krypton.

Currently Project X is being billed as Antec's chance to get back into the innovation game. Project X is a codename, and the case is designed for maximum system support and performance. In terms of style, it is a departure from Antec's usual cases, with an open air design, modular parts, plenty of RGB and room for lots of hardware. We're expecting to see this case launch in Q4 2018 with a target price tag of $250.

The model we saw supports seven expansion slots, but is low on the drive bay front with just 1 HDD/SSD bay and two SSD-only bays. You do get room for a 360mm radiator in the front and roof of the case, in addition to room for up to three 120mm fans. Maximum GPU length at this stage is 350mm, but very few cards nowadays reach that size. As we noted earlier, Project X is still some ways off, so these specs could change by the time we next see this case.

The Krypton will be heading our way a bit sooner. This is a full tower chassis with an emphasis on custom loop liquid cooling support. It has hinged tempered glass side panels, an RGB strip at the front, support for 360mm radiators in the front and roof, in addition to a 120mm in the rear. Maximum GPU length is 420mm horizontally and vertically. Essentially, there is plenty of space in here to support a wide range of hardware combinations, from liquid cooling, to air cooling and abnormally long PCIe cards. There are six drive bays in total, four for HDDs/SSDs and two additional SSD-only brackets.

The Krypton case is also slated for a ‘Q4' release with a lower price tag that will sit between $179 and $189.

Antec's P100 Evo case is geared more towards silence, with sound dampening panels and a rather elegant design. Unfortunately, we don't have much in the way of technical details, but the case is targeting the $89-$99 price bracket and should launch before the end of 2018.

Other tidbits from the booth include a new signature 80Plus Titanium rated power supply. Antec is also planning to jump into the RAM market, with plans to launch Antec Memory in the near future. This new product line will kick off with ‘5 Series' RGB memory kits. We saw some 8GB kits at Computex, with Intel XMP 2.0 support and speeds of up to 3000MHz.


KitGuru Says: Antec is jumping back in to the RAM market and has a bunch of new cases primed for launch this year. Will any of you be keeping an eye out for what they have coming up? 

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