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Computex 2018: MSI expands its line of peripherals

While MSI has been making peripherals for some time, over the last year or two the company seems to be taking this market more seriously than ever. This is demonstrated by the new products announced at Computex 2018, including a keyboard, mouse and a very funky headset stand concept.

First of all, MSI is releasing a new keyboard to its GK line. We have already reviewed the GK40 and GK80 this year, and now the GK60 has been announced. This is a full size mechanical keyboard, sporting Cherry MX Red switches, RGB backlighting and an aluminium top-plate. Interesting, MSI has also added extra secure rubber feet to the bottom of the board – including one right under the space bar – to prevent any unwanted slipping. The GK60 is due in Q3 2018 and will cost $109, so hopefully less than £100 in the UK.

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There was also one more keyboard at MSI's booth, though we do not have a name or expected price for this one yet. What we can tell you, though, is that it is a low-profile mechanical keyboard due for release next year. However, rather than using Cherry's new low-profile switch, this board uses Kailh switches, which are the same as we have seen in the recent MSI GT75 Titan laptop. That could make it an interesting competitor to Cooler Master's new low-profile boards we saw yesterday.

Elsewhere, the MSI GM50 is a new ergonomic mouse, with plenty of RGB lighting and a $59.99 price tag. It has a relatively large shape – similar to the Zowie EC series – and weighs 93g. We are not yet sure on the specific sensor used, but at this price we would expect a PMW 3360. The RGB lighting is also notable in that it is controlled directly from the mouse, so there is no need for software. MSI was also showing off a new range of silk cloth mouse pads to go with the GM50.

Lastly, we also saw a very interesting headset stand from MSI named the Gaming Premium Stacker, though it is only a concept at this point. Essentially, this has two interesting features – a Qi charging base, and a holographic central cylinder. The latter feature is particularly novel, as it can be customised to display various bits of system information like CPU/GPU usage and more. Again, this is a concept – so we don't have any pricing or availability information, but it is certainly a unique idea.

KitGuru says: New peripherals are always fun – but what about that holographic headset stand?! Would you guys be interested in something like that? Let us know.

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