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Persona 5’s Joker is Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s first DLC challenger

On the eve of Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s launch, Nintendo has taken to The Game Awards 2018 to unveil its first of five mysterious DLC fighters. Persona 5’s Joker will be infiltrating the roster in Challenger Pack 1, with Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aimé promising the remaining few to be just as surprising.

The surprise announcement saw Joker calling on what looks to be his starter Persona, Arsene, who will presumably be a part of his moveset. Challenger Pack 1 will give players the chance to “summon a Persona into the game,” according to Fils-Aimé. How the Persona will be called upon remains to be seen.

Each fighter will debut alongside a themed stage, as well as a collection of music from the game they represent. Personally, I hope the stage is based off Niijima’s Palace, but likelihood dictates that it could very well be Kamoshida’s Palace given that it birthed the concept. Of course, any music from the game will be a treasure.

Perhaps most interesting among Fils-Aimé’s brief comments is that the remaining upcoming fighters will be as unexpected as Joker, potentially hinting towards all of them being from third-party games. If that is the case, then sorry Waluigi fans.

Fils-Aimé didn’t reveal the release date of Challenger Pack 1, possibly allowing room for the base game to breathe during its December 7th release. DLC packs will set players back $5.99 if bought separately, however the collective “Fighter’s Pack” can be obtained for $24.99.

KitGuru Says: Fils-Aimé’s “unexpected” comment has got me thinking outside the box so much that I’m considering anything from DC Comics characters to Bethesda’s Vault Boy. Who would you like to see make their way to Smash? Furthermore, how do you feel about Joker making his way to the stage?

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