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PUBG hits 4 million players on Xbox, makes adjustments to starting island on PC

It seems the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is following in the footsteps of its PC counterpart in hitting milestones in record time. As the title hits 4 million players on console, adjustments are being made to the PC version as the game’s latest patch switches up the spawn for weapons and items.

Before the patch hit, the set spawns for items and weapons encouraged a barrage of players to scramble to the same areas, resulting in a bloodbath. The large gatherings had a high impact on servers, causing the majority to feel fps stuttering as a result. The changes in RNG help spread players out a bit in search of items, fixing both of these issues.

“Through the last patch, we were able to improve server and client performance by adjusting the visible distance while the character is in the air,” says the latest Steam Community update. “In the current patch we are spreading out the pre-match starting locations. Previously, all the players would spawn together at the same location awaiting the start of the match.”

More improvements are in the planning stages to increase performance and balance the game, as well as a new anti-cheat in the works to combat PUBG’s worst problem.

In the meantime, however, console players who own the game as of the 31st January will be gifted a hefty 30K Battle Points to go wild on the new cosmetic crates. Matched with the latest Xbox One patch that introduces auto-running and general optimisation, it looks like both versions of the game are progressing nicely.

KitGuru Says: It does seem like PUBG Corp. and Bluehole are keen on keeping their game as strong as possible and are doing everything in their power to make that happen. Are you currently playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? What is your experience with the title?

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