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PUBG soon to trial limb and vehicle penetration, stopping body parts from blocking shots

PUBG Corp is testing out new ways to stop those pesky hands from blocking headshots in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Later this week, the developer will be launching the test servers once again, trialling bullet penetration and new in-game social features.

Players of PUBG will soon see an overhaul to the in-game friend systems such as a friends list that doesn’t rely on Steam, as well as the ability to talk using voice chat while still at the main menu. Bullet penetration will pertain to vehicles and limbs, helping to quell those face palm moments that should have totally been a headshot.

The developer has yet to release the full details of the patch notes which are expected to arrive later this week before the test servers launch, however it seems that PUBG Corp knows just how frustrating this new balance is going to be. Taking to Twitter, it has urged everyone to jump onto the test servers to provide feedback, “especially” for the new penetration system.

At this point, it is just speculation as to how the bullet penetration will work and whether it will vary per weapon or distance. Interestingly, some people have speculated that this could mean players can take out vehicles by targeting specific parts of it, such as the tyres.

KitGuru Says: Bullet penetration does add an extra layer of complexity to how players can approach a gunfight, and it does mean that stealth is yet again a more viable option as players will likely be more susceptible to damage. Do you think that vehicle and limb penetration will change things up in a good or a bad way? Will you be hopping into the test servers later this week?

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