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PUBG unknowingly adds female crotch details, promising to change it shortly

It's been a big weekend for PUBG after announcing its release date for PC at The Game Awards and proceeding to win the award for Best Multiplayer Game, beating out Destiny 2, Call of Duty: WWII and others. What it also seemed to do was introduce crotch definition where there was none before.

The new detail was pointed out by character artist Liz Edwards, showcasing the difference between the current server and the recently updated Test Server that houses the new desert map, Miramar. The difference is quite overt, even on angles that make it less apparent and seemingly only affected female character models.

Of course, community members took to the internet for answers, with many offended at the representation the model offered. PlayerUnknown himself, Brendan Greene tackled the issue head-on, promising that the detail will be rectified as soon as possible.

As explained by Greene, the model itself came from an outsourcer and hasn't actually been changed in 2 years. This does raise more questions as to how it's not been noticed thus far, or why it seems more apparent in the comparison images before and after.

Greene has managed to quell backlash promptly, however and it looks like this is soon to be a non-issue. No time frame for the changes were given aside from “shortly,” however the full release has been announced for the 20th.

KitGuru Says: Specifically modelling the female crotch, while realistic, offers nothing to the gameplay so it is understandable why players would question why it was implemented in the first place. Props to Greene, who seems on top of everything as per usual. 

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