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Nvidia’s Titan V benchmarks show big performance increase

Last week, Nvidia surprised us with the launch of its first Volta graphics card, the Titan V coming in at an eye watering price of $3000. It seems that the Titan V might just be living up to its price, as Unigine Superposition benchmarks show impressive results.

Nvidia's Titan V managed to bench 5,222 points in Unigine Superposition's 8K Optimized preset, according to TechPowerUp, while clocking a huge 9,431 points at the 1080p Extreme preset. For reference, Nvidia's GTX 1080 Ti managed to attain a respectable 8,642 points on the latter preset only when running at 2,581MHz under liquid nitrogen cooling.

When tested on Unigine Heaven's 1440p preset, the Titan V managed an average of 126 frames per second. This places the new card at a raw performance increase of between 26 percent and 87 percent, more a marginal boost.

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This increase isn't limited to Unigine, too, as Futuremark's VR Mark “Blue Room” pegs the Titan V at 4,400 points, 1,428 points above the GTX 1080 Ti. TimeSpy shows the new card delivering over 1,000 more points worth of improvement to its average performance, coming in at 11,539 points.

Of course, benchmarking is only half the battle, as it is rarely accurate to real-world performance, but it does give a good indicator of what to expect for Nvidia's upcoming Volta line of graphics cards. In-game performances show the Titan V averaging a solid 157 FPS on Gears of War set at 1440p Ultra, dipping down to 76 FPS on Ashes of the Singularity's 1440p Crazy setting benchmark.

Needless to say, Nvidia's Titan V spells great news for its upcoming line of Volta cards that are expected to arrive early next year.

KitGuru Says: What it doesn't spell, however, is good news for pricing. Hopefully Nvidia caters to all ends of the spectrum, meaning that Volta is accessible to low-mid users. For now, though, expect to see the flagship, high-end cards arrive first. What do you think of the Titan V benchmarks?

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  1. Too… much… money! I’ll wait for a year+ and see a ‘1080Ti’ equaling.. ?2080Ti..? just like in the case of one of the Titans started off @ 3000$.. only to be price dropped way down.

    From the original card stats it seems this new Volta is hamstrung ten percent as to its true potential.. so giving the impression an eventual ?080Ti volta somewhere down the road… but 3k$..???… Too… much… money
    without getting a 100% improvement over the “1080Ti”.

  2. Windows NT?