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Leo Says 17 – Are Disti’s forcing a GPU shortage? Nvidia GPP -Asus ‘AREZ’, AMD future? Volta, MORE!

This week our opinionated hero focuses on graphics. The hot topics of the day are Nvidia GPP, and the possibility that Nvidia have forced some rules onto industry behemoth ASUS (as well as Gigabyte and MSI of course). He also discusses the unpleasant shortage of graphics cards - but is it actually the distributors who are holding stock to keep the prices inflated? Rumours have been circulating behind the scenes this week and its a juicy one.

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First traces of Volta spotted in new Nvidia driver

It looks like the first signs of Nvidia's upcoming Volta architecture are starting to appear as recently the team behind AIDA64 spotted references to Nvidia's next generation flagship GPU in a new driver. It seems that the AIDA64 team were digging around Nvidia's latest driver looking for traces of the …

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Rumour claims Nvidia may stick with 16nm for Volta


Now that Pascal is out in the open, the rumour mill has turned its attention to Nvidia’s next currently planned architecture on the roadmap, known as Volta. According to a report, Nvidia may be planning to stick with the same 16nm process used for Pascal for its next architecture jump. …

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Nvidia changes roadmap: ‘Volta’ is now due in 2018

Nvidia Corp. has slightly changed its roadmap concerning GPU architectures. As it appear, its next-gen GPUs code-named “Pascal” are now due in 2016, whereas their successors will be released only in 2018. Based on a new roadmap that Nvidia showcased at a tech conference in Japan, the company will release its …

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Nvidia will not use ‘Maxwell’ architecture for Tesla HPC accelerators

Although Nvidia Corp.’s code-named “Maxwell” architecture has proven to be very energy-efficient, graphics processors on its base will not be used for Tesla accelerators for high-performance computing applications. At a press conference in Tokyo, Japan, Nvidia said that it would continue to offer “Kepler”-based Tesla cards for HPC applications in …

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Khronos wants to make OpenGL a low-level API, AMD wants to help

Khronos Group, the organization responsible for multiple open-standard application programming interfaces (APIs), such as OpenCL, OpenGL and WebGL, this week announced intention to rebuild the OpenGL API from scratch. The purpose of this is to be able to compete against Microsoft’s DirectX 12, AMD’s Mantle and other possible APIs (e.g., …

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VESA adds Adaptive Sync technology to DisplayPort standard

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) on Monday announced that the future implementations of the DisplayPort 1.2a standards will feature Adaptive Sync technology that is supposed to synchronize refresh rates of displays with actual frame-rate that is displayed. The feature will make games and video run much smoother than currently. …

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