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Nvidia will detail its “next-gen” mainstream GPUs in August

Nvidia has kept mum on its next generation graphics processing units (GPUs) for quite some time, but it looks like more information is on its way in August. It has been spotted that the Green Team is pencilled in as the opening graphics presentation during this year’s Hot Chips convention, with its new GPU as the main focal point.

Although Nvidia will be appearing multiple times throughout the conference during its three-day run from August 19th to the 21st, its first Monday conference being titled “NVIDIA’s Next Generation Mainstream GPU” leaves little to the imagination as to when we will definitively get more information on the mysterious new cards.

“We will hear from the CPU and GPU giants: AMD featuring their next-gen client chip, NVIDIA with their next-gen GPU, and Intel with an interesting die-stacked CPU with iGPU plus stacked dGPU,” reads the Hot Chips press release.

It is currently unknown as to whether this will pertain to new architecture, much like the leap from Nvidia’s Maxwell within the GTX 900 series to Pascal seen in the GTX 10 Series, or whether it will be a Pascal Refresh.

Lots of names have been floating around without clarification, from Volta, which we got a first look at with the GTX Titan V, to Turing and even Ampere. Whatever architecture it is based on, GDDR6 is expected to make an appearance in some capacity as the memory enters production within the next couple of months.

Hot Chips is known for its in-depth talks, meaning that Nvidia’s next-generation GPU might see the light of day before the conference, or even launch on the 20th August. Nvidia will also be appearing at Gamescom just one day later, marking August the month to watch for the Green Team.

KitGuru Says: Those still in the market for an upgrade might want to hold off a little longer, it seems. Despite having adopted a Pascal card myself, I am looking forward to know what Nvidia has in store for its next-generation. What are you hoping from the next line of Nvidia GPUs?

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