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Leo Says 17 – Are Disti’s forcing a GPU shortage? Nvidia GPP -Asus ‘AREZ’, AMD future? Volta, MORE!

This week our opinionated hero focuses on graphics. The hot topics of the day are Nvidia GPP, and the possibility that Nvidia have forced some rules onto industry behemoth ASUS (as well as Gigabyte and MSI of course). He also discusses the unpleasant shortage of graphics cards – but is it actually the distributors who are holding stock to keep the prices inflated? Rumours have been circulating behind the scenes this week and its a juicy one. And we have to ask, is the ‘AREZ' a good name for an ASUS graphics card? He also discusses AMD's future and Nvidia's upcoming Volta release.

Watch via our VIMEO Channel (below) or over on YouTube at 2160p HERE

More information on ASUS Republic Of Gamers and NVIDIA's possible strong arming tactics HERE

00:10 Introduction
00:23 Nvidia GPP – the plot thickens!
02:30 The Asus ‘Arez’
11:12 Are miners to blame?
12:22 Do distributors have GPU stocks?
14:35 Is Pascal over and Volta coming?
18:38 What should AMD do?

KitGuru says: Be sure to let us know your thoughts and if you agree (or disagree) with LEO. Love him, or hate him- he says it, cause he means it!

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