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Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher to appear in Ghost Recon amid rumors of new game

It looks like Ubisoft is preparing to bring Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher back into the spotlight this year, starting off with a guest appearance in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Ubisoft recently announced that Wildlands would be getting a second year of free DLC to keep players coming back, with the first update featuring Splinter Cell's main character.

Wildlands has had guest characters in the past. Specifically, a timed event saw Predator added to the game. With the next update on the 10th of April, Sam Fisher will be added in, though it is unknown if he will be a playable character or an NPC. What we do know is that Michael Ironside will be returning to voice Fisher once again.

The full details are set to be revealed later today, but in the meantime, we can speculate a little bit. Last week, rumors surrounding Microsoft's big E3 presence began swirling. The Xbox team has reportedly secured a bunch of third-party deals this year, with one of them being a new Splinter Cell game.

With Sam Fisher set to show up in Wildlands, it would seem that Ubisoft is teasing for the future, reintroducing players to the character and getting people excited about a potential new Splinter Cell game.

KitGuru Says: I've enjoyed Splinter Cell ever since the first game released on the original Xbox back in the day. Hopefully this cross-promotion with Ghost Recon is just the beginning. Would many of you be interested in a new Splinter Cell game? Do you think Sam Fisher's appearance in Wildlands could hint towards it?

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