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Two GTX 1050Ti benchmark results have leaked out


It has been just over a month since we first got news of the GTX 1050 and GTX 1050Ti. We’ve seen die shots, images of the PCB and we’ve even seen leaked specifications for the upcoming GP107 powered card but now, we’ve got some performance benchmarks too, ahead of launch, …

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Nvidia GTX 1060 benchmark results appear online

Right now current rumours are pointing towards Nvidia launching the GTX 1060 very soon. We have seen some leaked images, we’ve had a look at some leaked specifications and now some benchmark results have also appeared on the web, giving us an early idea of how this GPU performs. The …

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DOOM PC Game Analysis

DOOM is finally here, complete with a fantastic campaign, Snap Map system and plenty of multiplayer modes to jump in to but is the PC version up to snuff?  When the DOOM open beta came around, the advanced graphics options were locked out so we didn’t really know what to …

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Battleborn PC Game Analysis

Battleborn came out earlier this month and while its launch may have been overshadowed by the Overwatch open beta, this might not be a game you want to let fall by the wayside. Gearbox’s ‘hero shooter’ is quite different from the likes of Overwatch and Team Fortress in a number of ways, …

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Hitman PC game analysis

Hitman has been one of Square Enix’s staple franchises over the years but this time around, they are handling Agent 47 a little differently. Rather than launching a full game, we are getting ‘episodes’ which are due to be released on a monthly basis. However, this is also one of …

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