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Rainbow Six Siege reveals its last Year 2 operator, Vigil

Following in the footsteps of Zofia and fellow South Korean operator Dokkaebi, Ubisoft teases its third and final operator of Year 2, Vigil. While not as in-depth as Zofia, we get a look into his backstory, weapons and gadget before his full reveal on Sunday 19th November.

After service among many military outfits from the Republic of Korea Navy to the UDT/Seals he was a “natural pick” for the 707th Special Mission Battalion and subsequently Team Rainbow, where he serves alongside Dokkaebi.

Vigil has been surrounded by tragedy since birth, from his brother drowning to his mother being left to die from Dengue fever and his father taking his own life. Ubisoft cryptically ends its description of Vigil’s history by stating that he is now “trapped in a political game.”

As a defender, players get to choose between the K1A SMG and the BOSG 12.2 shotgun as their primary, as well as the C75 Auto or SMG-12 MPs as their secondary. The most interesting part, as it the way with most Siege operators, is Vigil’s gadget.

“We wanted operators that are able to play with intel and counter-intel,” says Game Designer Guillaume Essouffi, “using an aspect of our game that is not that explored”

A video showcasing all of the upcoming Operation White Noise operator cinematics

The 7.62x39mm round that glanced off his ballistic mask had crumpled and exposed the honeycomb of polymers beneath the black paint, deforming the cheek plate. The absorption padding sucked down some of the punch, but the hydrostatic shock had still rung his head like a bell. The headache lingered, the bruised cheek had turned a deep purple, but the mask itself… the mask had earned retirement on his wall.

While the video somewhat confirms speculation that Vigil will be able to go invisible to drones, other rumours suggested that his head would become ‘bulletproof.’ It seems that both might actually be true, as Ubisoft’s description of Vigil’s signature masks hints at damage reduction.

Nothing is confirmed as of yet, however the rumours so far have been relatively accurate for Zofia, down to the detail of her being Ela’s sister months before her official reveal. Dokkaebi, Zofia and Vigil will all receive a more comprehensive look during the Pro League Finals across this weekend.

KitGuru Says: Damage reduction to the head seems relatively similar to Blackbeard, introduced back in Year One Season 2’s Dust Line expansion, so the added, and more interesting ability of bypassing drones seems like it could be a game changer. Which operator would you like to get your hands on first? I think I need to learn more about Dokkaebi first, but she seems my favourite so far.

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