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Rainway can stream games from your PC to Nintendo Switch

While the PC platform is known for being a powerhouse in comparison to its rivals, it is often the biggest pain to move around the house. Developer Andrew Sampson has taken it upon himself to create Rainway, a new application that hopes to stream your PC to various other devices.

Cuphead is a game that will likely never make its way outside of the Xbox One and PC platforms due to Microsoft having funded it in exchange for an exclusive deal. Sampson’s latest achievement with Rainway is getting the PC to stream Cuphead directly to the Nintendo Switch while in portable mode.

The showcase was supposed to arrive last month, after Rainway’s official Twitter posted that it would be using its co-op remote play feature later in the week. Despite the delay in releasing the footage, Rainway allows for near-perfect 60 frames per second PC Game streaming.

This is only possible via compatible GPUs which contain support for streaming to a web browser. Rainway uses the same feature to tap into other devices. The application has no other requirements and states on its website that any GPU that supports DX11 can utilise its functionality.

Although it’s proven that this can push out a smooth frame rate, it’s worth keeping in mind that this could differ per connection, such as WiFi speed, stability of connection and various other factors. This will all be tested when Rainway enters its public beta on January 20th 2018.

KitGuru Says: This is a neat feature that would give me even more reason to own my Switch, as my library is looking a little thing as it stands. It’ll be interesting to see what other devices Rainway can work alongside too. Are you interested in the streaming app?

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