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Runic Games give Hob a release date

It’s been two years since the wonderful world of Hob was announced, with Torchlight developer at the helm. Runic Games has finally revealed the release date for the sci-fi puzzler along with new details about the game.

Hob will land on PlayStation 4 and PC on 26th September, as shown in a new trailer presented on the PlayStation blog.

Although the game has a similar, albeit refined artstyle similar to that of Torchlight, it is a far cry from the developer’s previous RPG entries. Hob focuses on exploration of vast landscapes and puzzle solving in order to repair their mechanically driven planet. Overall, it looks similar to that of Zelda in its puzzle elements, combat and that Hob isn't, in fact, the hero's name.

Hob is available to pre-order on PS4, costing players £15.99 and discounted to £12.79 for PS Plus members, with The Hob Wold Raise Dynamic Theme included as a pre-order incentive. Those on PC can pre-order on Steam or GOG for £13.49 up until its release when the title will go up to £14.99. Also available is the Runic Games Collection on both PC platforms, bundling Tochlight, Torchlight II and Hob for a huge 55% off.

Runic Games is also running a contest for participants to win a credit in the final release of Hob, a free copy of the game and merchandise simply for naming a trophy/achievement. This is available until Friday when the competition will close.

KitGuru Says: I was a big fan of both Torchlights and love the artstyle of Hob, so no doubt will be looking into trying out this title. Did you play either Torchlight games? Will you be picking up Hob?

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