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Shovel Knight brawls Battletoads in free PC update

PC players of the highly successful indie title Shovel Knight are about to get another reason to dive back into the game, as the Battletoads have beaten their way out of Xbox One exclusivity to make their way to the platform. The optional boss fight is the best of both series, filled with nostalgia and homage to the '90s characters.

Alongside bug fixes, improved controller support and added keybinding options, Rash, Pimple and Zitz arrive on the PC platform after serving an exclusive stint on Xbox One. The trio were last seen in 2015's Rare Replay, similarly exclusive to Xbox One, with Battletoads and Battletoads Arcade included among the 30 classic games.

The added level can be found near the Hall of Champions in a secret room, offering the player a chance to best each of them in a boss fight. Luckily for Shovel Knight, they attack one-by-one, with each zone distinctly modeled after the previous Battletoads games.

Proving yourself against the trio will net you a sweet reward as well as the chance to befriend the classic characters and even lend (give) one of them gold if you choose to do so. While it's best to experience it for yourself, the video above details the fight as it was on Xbox One. The only exclusive item remaining for the game is PlayStation's God of War level, in which Shovel Knight faces off against Kratos in a Mega Man-style arena.

You can grab Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, the complete edition of the game for £18.99/$24.99 on Steam, and a little more expensive on GOG and the Humble Store.

KitGuru Says: Although exclusives can be a sore spot in conversation, it's good that it's only timed in some cases so that players can get the full experience of the game. Unfortunately for many, players will have moved on by this point and it's questionable as to whether this one level is enough to draw people back in. Still, it's free content! Did you enjoy Shovel Knight?

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