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Super Mario Odyssey maintains 60 frames in Switch’s portable mode

Super Mario Odyssey is the Nintendo Switch's next big-hitter and is only a month away from release. Looking at the technical sides of the anticipated title, it looks like Odyssey will maintain 60 frames per second while in docked and even handheld modes.

Digital Foundry released a 10 minute technical breakdown video of the upcoming game, pushing it to its limits and testing just how well the Nintendo Switch can handle it throughout its hybrid modes.
Super Mario Odyssey will run at the expected 720p (1280×720) when in portable mode, scaling up to 900p (1600×900) when placed in the dock. 720p is the base resolution that Nintendo is working towards while in portable mode, often aiming to increase the pixel count for its docked mode.

The title will maintain 60 frames per second in both modes, which is surprising yet welcome news that has increased my excitement tenfold. Unfortunately, Digital Foundary notes that frame drops can occur, particularly during the tutorial but persists that they are not noticeable.

If these frame drops were anything like Breath of the Wild experienced near launch, this might vary depending on the person as I certainly did notice them frequently. that being said, Nintendo quickly issued a patch for that issue that reduced the frequency and harshness of the frame dropping.

Super Mario Odyssey players will receive a better experience while playing docked, due to better shading, less aliasing and other minor improvements, but the developers have done a brilliant job of ensuring that its users will have a brilliant experience regardless. The game releases on October 27th for the Nintendo Switch.

KitGuru Says: Super Mario Odyssey is a title I have waited a long time for, looking much more akin to Super Mario Sunshine with its sandbox world rather than Super Mario Galaxy. While Galaxy was good in its own right, I am much fonder of Sunshine and can't wait to see what Odyssey has to offer. Are you excited for Mario's next adventure?

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