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Gigabyte may not release a custom RX Vega 64 at all

Update: It seems that Gigabyte ended up receiving a new batch of RX Vega64 chips just in the knick of time, as updated reports have shown Gigabyte's first custom-cooled Vega GPU in the flesh. You can find the update, HERE

Original Story: Over the last couple of weeks we have been hearing increasing reports surrounding the lack of RX Vega 64 custom cards from board partners. Anonymous AiB reps have previously said that lack of supply was to blame, with stocks not expected until around mid-October. Now, it seems that at least one board partner, Gigabyte, won't be making a custom RX Vega 64 at all.

According to a report over at Tom's Hardware, while Gigabyte may still consider making an RX Vega 56, the company has ruled out a custom RX Vega 64 at this point. MSI also appears to be mulling over its plans for custom Vega. According to the report, both Gigabyte and MSI are now focusing their efforts on the upcoming GTX 1070Ti instead.

Rumours first began circulating about a GTX 1070Ti a short while ago but it seems to be picking up steam now. Technical details and performance numbers are still non-existent for the time being, but apparently, we should see an announcement from Nvidia in October.

ASUS is still going to be putting out an RX Vega 64 Strix Edition but we are unsure when the card will begin shipping. Reviewers already have their hands on it but it seems retailers are still waiting.

KitGuru Says: At this point, if you really want an RX Vega 64, it seems you may not have many options to choose from outside of the reference models. Are any of you still waiting for custom Vega cards before upgrading? 

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