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Custom RX Vega cards could still be a month away

At this point in time, the RX Vega 64 has been out on the market for well over a month, though only in reference form. So far, we have only seen one add-in board partner announce a custom RX Vega GPU and even then, the mid-September release date has been missed. So when can we expect custom-cooled versions of RX Vega to start popping up? Well according to a report this week, we could be waiting quite a while.

Back when Asus first announced the ROG Strix RX Vega 64, we covered it and were expecting a mid-September release date. Reviewers (ourselves included) have even had hands on time with the Strix card. Unfortunately, it has yet to actually hit the market. Asus is still ahead of other board partners though, as the likes of Sapphire, MSI and Gigabyte have yet to announce custom models for RX Vega at all.

The folks over at hardware.fr reached out to some of AMD's board partners to try and uncover some answers. the replies are unfortunately kept anonymous but it seems that one particular AIB has nothing to announce, while another has yet to receive delivery of chips. No dates are set yet but the source said that a launch may not be possible before mid-October.

Given the lack of announcements surrounding custom Vega cards, I do buy in to the idea that we could be waiting a while for them to show up. Hopefully we will hear more over the next couple of weeks.

KitGuru Says: I have been quite surprised by the lack of news surrounding custom Vega cards. It does seem like there is a hold-up behind the scenes. Are any of you currently planning your next GPU upgrade? Are you waiting on custom Vega cards to show up?

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  1. I feel a little bit sorry for RTG, they bring a GPU with a performance from 2016 with the power draw from 2013 which gets way to expensive after launch because of short supply and the custom designes take about two months. Could be better, only good thing for them is that possibly every card from their lineup will be bought, no matter the price

  2. The power draw thing is weird. I don’t get why they push the voltage so high when people are getting the same or better results undervolting.

  3. I think ththey should introduce a better GPU that has the capabilities as the 2016 version as it was pretty fast: http://www.goo.gl/8nEQTU

  4. Here we are exactly 1 month since this post and still no AIB Vega cards available and no word on pricing. Not the fault of the add in board partners. This is AMDs poor planning and seemingly ineptness to adapt. On behalf of all the Freesync monitor owners who have patiently waited for AMD to get their shit together,, FUCK YOU AMD!